Hi I’m Libby, and welcome to ‘Enlightened Traveller’.  I created ‘Enlightened Traveller’ to share the transformational potential that travel ignites when undertaken consciously, holistically and with purpose.

Travel embraced with this higher conscious awareness can be a portal towards self-actualisation.    Travel creates change.  Travel exposes us to new ways of being and living.  It can shake us to our core, rattling comfortable patterns and encouraging us to look at life through a different lens.

Through my blog I track my journeys to various places, all of which I have been drawn to by spirit.  Some places warm my heart; others have been confronting.  All provide self-awareness, insight and growth.  Currently, I find myself in a place where I am travelling on my own.  An experience which provided challenges yet also huge growth and expansion.

Most of my travels have been through this beautiful land of Australia, my home.   Many with my family when our children were young.   Yet now, in my second act, travel is for self.   In 2015, two years after my 20-year marriage ended I took my first solo overseas trip to Italy and in 2019 will undertake my second to Scotland.

So welcome.  Take time to explore my personal sharing’s, photographs, travel insights and become interested in where your next soul journey will take you.  I would love to hear of your experiences.  Connect and share with me on my face book page, Instagram feed or blog.

Enlightened Traveller

Enlightened Traveller is about connection, illumination and healing.

Its a blog, soon to be book, community of like-minded souls and eventually bespoke travel journeys.

It explores the importance of place, ancestral connection, transgenerational impacts, soul healing and travel as a transitional process.

The seeds of Enlightened Traveller were planted when I undertook a trip to ‘the Kimberley’ region of Western Australia in 2011 with my husband.

What was undertaken as an opportunity to come together, to reunite and be with one another alone soon revealed itself as a journey deeper into self, for both of us.   It was not so much of coming together but of two unbecoming in order to come into self as sovereign beings.  In my confusion and fear I wrote extensively and realised that travel takes many forms and expressions.  At a human level we sought to travel to come together, yet other elements were at play here.  Our souls sought a different experience.  Our marriage ended two years later and we divorced in 2015.

It would take many many years for me to ‘see’ and accept the bigger outplay of that journey.  So I continued to write and the words gave insight, provided healing and comfort.

Travelling to this remote region was a huge catalyst for change.   I became curious about the other places I am drawn to visit.  What is it that draws me to a place and time?  Why are there places I don’t want to travel?  How is it that certain historical moments feel so well known?   I will write of such experiences in my blog.


Libby Kinna is the founder and creative source of ‘Enlightened Traveller’ and ‘Blue Alchemy Centre’.

She is a writer, explorer, educator and facilitator of change with over 20 years experience within the personal and professional development industry.

Born in Melbourne, Victoria (a place which is ‘home’) she currently lives in Perth, Western Australia.    She is a proud mum to three great adult-kids and is embarking on a whole new life journey.

Libby is an Approved Member of Travel Massive https://travelmassive.com/community/libbykinna .


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